A NATO Country Shot Down a Russian Bomber: It’s Time to Start Paying Attention


(ANTIMEDIA) A Turkish fighter plane shot down a Russian bomber near the Syria-Turkey border early this morning. Turkey claims the Russian aircraft violated its airspace, while Russia claims it was flying over Syria. Oddly enough, both claims could conceivably be simultaneously true in a sense, but only because Turkey has infringed on Syrian sovereignty by extending its airspace five miles over Syrian territory.

The pilots were able to eject and begin parachuting down, but they were executed in mid-air by gunfire from fighters on the ground. The fighters were insurgents who have been battling the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad in a war that has been raging since 2011. A video has emerged showing insurgents standing over one of the dead Russian pilots.

A Russian helicopter searching for the downed pilots was also shot down, possibly with a U.S.-supplied anti-tank missile.

Turkey is a member of NATO, which means if it enters a war with Russia, it can drag the United States and most of Europe along with it.… Read the rest

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Memories Of A Heroin Head: “Heroin Has Given Me More Life Than It Has Taken Away”

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 8.27.05 PM

Shane Levene is a writer, artist, and a heroin addict. He is quite fabulous at being all three of those things. He was kind enough to answer some questions about his work and his lifestyle.

B.W. By anyone’s standards I have used excessive amounts of drugs and alcohol over my life. I once had a girlfriend who was a heroin addict who would use in my presence, but still I never used. What do you think separates those who embrace heroin from those of us that don’t?

S.L. I think it’s probably a lot to do with association. But not only association to the drug and what it is and what it represents, but an association of ourselves and who we think we are, would like to be and what we feel we represent through our existence. They’re very complicated things, figuring out what the hell life and existence is all about and how best to be oneself/find oneself in the midst of everything that is on offer.… Read the rest

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Podcast Episode 3: Pagans & Prisons


Compelling stories, ambient recordings, and interesting background music, woven into a radical pagan tapestry with a high audio-geek quotient.

Via Gods & Radicals:

In episode 3, we hear from several members of the Maine Pagan Clergy Association, all of whom work in some capacity with pagans in prison, along with a rant on the subject from our own Dr. Bones.

“We’re number one in prisoners.

By every measure the U.S. leads the world in prisoners, with 2.2 million people in jail and more than 4.8 million on parole. No nation tops that – not China with 1.7 million, not Russia with 670,000. We not only have the highest number of prisoners, we have the highest percentage of people in prison or jail. In the U.S., 702 of every 100,000 people were in prison or jail in 2013. Cuba has 510 per 100,000 people in prison, Russia has 467, and Iran has 290.

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How LSD Microdosing Became the Hot New Business Trip

Acid is back in California, except this time is the workaholics not the hippies who are champions of LSD. From Rolling Stone:

Let’s call him “Ken.” Ken is 25, has a master’s degree from Stanford and works for a tech startup in San Francisco, doing a little bit of everything: hardware and software design, sales and business development. Recently, he has discovered a new way to enhance his productivity and creativity, and it’s not Five Hour Energy or meditation.

Ken is one of a growing number of professionals who enjoy taking “microdoses” of psychedelics – in his free time and, occasionally, at the office. “I had an epic time,” he says at the end of one such day. “I was making a lot of sales, talking to a lot of people, finding solutions to their technical problems.”

A microdose is about a tenth of the normal dose – around 10 micrograms of LSD, or 0.2-0.5 grams of mushrooms.

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The Story Behind ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island,’ the Anti-Fed Conspiracy Theory Bible

The Creature from Jekyll Island WND.jpgIf you’ve been wondering what all the fuss over the Federal Reserve Bank (a/k/a The Fed) is about, Daily Beast supplies the details:

It’s the kind of conspiracy theory so all-encompassing that it explains the very roots of all modern American wars, depression, economic boom, and (most importantly!) the darkest, best-kept secrets of international banking.

Typically, the Federal Reserve is a government entity that frustrated high schoolers in America are forced to learn about before entering adulthood and forgetting exactly what it is or why it exists. The Fed is our central banking system that was created at the tail end of 1913 as a response to a string of financial crises. It is responsible for implementing the United States’s monetary policy, and is routinely and aptly described as “boring.”

It’s all fairly mundane and unsexy (though hugely consequential) stuff. The Fed doesn’t bomb anything, invade anything, or even tax anything.

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War Tax Resistance: Hobby Lobby, Bitcoins, and The Peace Tax Fund

Back in October, we learned that 90% of the victims who are killed by U.S. drone strikes are innocent civilians just like you and me. Except that we’re not so innocent, right? Because our tax dollars pay for those drones. Sure, the politicians are the ones who sanction these wars; and yes, it is the soldiers who go off and fight the “bad guys” for us; but it is the citizens (“We the People”) who are funding these atrocities. So I guess that means we’re all war criminals with blood on our hands. If this fact is as difficult for you to accept as it is for me, then you probably find yourself asking: what then must we do? What can we do?

I was having a difficult time shaking the ninety-percent statistic from my mind, and then I was reminded of the Hobby Lobby ruling from several years ago. In case you are not familiar with it, this is the ruling which declared that Hobby Lobby – a private business, owned by Christians – did not have to pay for some forms of birth control (which were otherwise covered by the healthcare that was already being provided to their employees by the company) because the owners of Hobby Lobby equate those particular forms of birth control with abortion, and paying for them would go against their religious beliefs.… Read the rest

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How To Talk To Your Parents (and kids) About Psychedelics ~ ATTMind Radio ep. 14

Jonathan Thompso Psychedelic Parenting PDST promo photo 2015Jonathan is the Founder of PyschedelicParenting.org, a resource for building community and family traditions around traditional plant sacraments in the Global North. He is also the father of 3, committed husband, and “sunlights” as Office Manager for a well-established Holistic Health practice in Mid-Michigan. He has a BS in Anthropology from Michigan State University and has spent the last 10 years in management and human resources in the retail and healthcare industry.

In this episode Jonathan offers great suggestions on how and why to talk to your parents about the use of psychedelics. He also goes into a discussion on how parents can talk about their relationship to psychedelic with their kids. Make no mistake, this is not a purely conceptual discussion as Jonathan offers real world, practical advice.

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A Thanksgiving Day Prayer

Dear Lord Jesus Christ,

We thank You for allowing the settlers to obliterate the native inhabitants of this continent that we might more selfishly enjoy it — especially the obscenely wealthy among us.


We thank You for the slave labor we brought over from Africa to built it up and ask that You ensure those black folks stick with the program now.

We pray that You will impose restrictions on any other immigrants coming to this land now, however — if it be Your will. If not, we will take is as a sign or our great morality and bigheartedness, for which we thank You.

We thank You for the Crusades of the past and the Crusade upon us now and that we might smite our enemies like they did in the times of old.

We thank You for plausible deniability and selectively short memories that allow those in power to evade responsibility for crimes great and small — from the full blown invasion of Iraq, obliteration of Syria and Libya to the smallest hospital we blow up in Afghanistan.… Read the rest

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