Years of Vid/Pysch/Facebook/NYC PyschMoron Is Therapy is Bullshit …

  • Wohlgemuthsmith

     I have agree with argument for this type of sites.I can not agree that there is not Importance for the social networking sites.

  • Vincent Vega

    I remember me and a buddy went to a show, I might of been 10 years old, the show was Cheap trick-AC/DC- KISS

    We didn’t know who these other guys were we wanted to see KISS.  Can’t remember if AC/DC opened for Cheap trick or the other way around. We smoked a bunch of pot, ruined a bunch of lighters and went home safe and sound, no trouble.

    The good ole days really were the good ole days.  RIP Bon Scott.

  • Blah

    Years of… what?

    • joycerbowlin

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  • Monkey See Monkey Do

    This post and the comments below are one massive brain fart.