Debunking The Drones

‘Recent sightings of the so-called ‘Drones’ has prompted widespread speculation on internet forums and a flurry of news reports from within the UFO community from websites and in major media outlets. Very clear photographs of the drones have reportedly come from multiple different sources, centering around the Lake Tahoe area allegedly going as far back as 1995, but with no proof to that effect. The drones appear in several different configurations, normally characterized by a large hair-like array on top, and what appear to be large booms protruding from the sides of the craft, complete with strange writing on the exterior.

‘The drones are a hoax. This case is reminiscent of the Billy Meier hoaxed photographs and film footage. There is no substantial proof or credibility offered in either case, and these photographs upon first glance are even more phony in general appearance than the majority of Meier’s. For instance, the drone craft appears similar to a ceiling fan with an eggbeater on top, not very convincing even to the the earnest UFO believer when compared to past, more legitimate, mass sightings of black triangles and discs.’ (Paranormal News Report article).