Live From Antarctica, The Coolest Band On Earth

‘Saturday’s series of "Live Earth" concerts features a marquee-bursting array of the music industry’s megastars, but perhaps its most impressive headliner is a band that doesn’t even have a recording contract. That group, Nunatak, will be performing from Antarctica, with a stage audience about the same size as Kanye West’s entourage. And when all is said and done with Live Earth, the band’s members will go back to their desks, computers, and ice-diving equipment for another day at the South Pole.

‘Nunatak’s five members are scientists stationed at the Rothera Research Station, which is run by the British Antarctic Survey. They are an ad hoc "house band" who, at Al Gore’s request, are frantically rehearsing for a live webcast for the July 7 show.’ (Christian Science Monitor article).