HillaryCare 2.0

Will she flinch? For months now, that’s been the big question about Senator Hillary Clinton and health care. Nobody questioned her command of the issue or her interest in the subject. She’d proven all of that in 1993 and 1994, when she headed up her husband’s health care task force and then became chief spokesperson for his ill-fated plan. But precisely because she "has the scars" from that experience, as she likes to say, many people wondered whether she’d be up for trying all over again. Would she be vague, figuring she had the least to prove on the matter and that details could only come back to haunt her? Would she settle on something less than universal coverage, figuring the political support for it was too weak? Would she kowtow to the insurance and pharmaceutical lobbies, which had started donating to her campaigns?

‘The answer seems to be no, no, and no. In a speech before an Iowa audience today, Clinton unveiled a plan that, if enacted and implemented, would provide every single American with generous, but affordable, health insurance. It would do so by forcing both the insurance industry and drug-makers to change the way they do business, and requiring large employers to pay part of the nation’s health care bill. It would also come with a serious price tag–for which she’s identified serious sources of funding.’ (New Republic article).