Sexuality In The Confessional: ‘Everything You Know About God Is Wrong’ Exerpt’

Muslim students’ conference, the Sixth Dalai Lama’s erotic poetry, the actual Jesus you find in the Bible, the unknown authors of the Gospels, the musical legacy of nonbelievers, the non-legacy of the Ten Commandments, anti-Semitism in the "Left Behind" novels, sexy Hindu sculpture, atheism, exorcisms, Confucius, the Tibet myth, dung gods, Osho, snake-handlers, Magdalene Asylums, Mark Twain’s little-known takedown of Christianity, and much more, plus 50 images (including a photo of three little girls smoking pot as part of a church service) and a comic (by Neil Gaiman). (More information is here.)

‘"Good Books" contains definitely informative and hopefully entertaining reviews of thirteen religion books, most of which are unfortunately hard to find. Over half were published by university presses and carry hefty price tags, so they typically are spotted only in university libraries, but the info they contain is simply too fascinating to let molder on dusty shelves. A case in point is the following look at Sexuality in the Confessional: