Yahoo’s New Social Network Puts You (And Your Friends) In Charge

‘Yahoo is preparing to launch Mash, a whimsical and quirky new social-networking service. The company claims it’s the first one to let you mess with your friends’ profiles.

‘The site, which is in invitation-only beta, gives you the option to leave your profile open to your friends, allowing them to make changes and add modules like widgets or games.

‘We played with the service at the Wired News office, and took turns jokingly adding pictures of unicorns and kittens to each other’s profiles. This setting is the default for all new profiles, and when you invite a friend to join, you’re encouraged to design a page for the prospective member by adding colors, text, RSS feeds and content modules. This can lead to some serious shenanigans. For example, it’s possible to load up friends’ pages with embarrassing background images, glittery text and garish color combinations before they even log in for the first time.’ (Wired News article).