David Allen’s ‘Cult of Hyperefficiency’

For the past year I’ve been working with David Allen‘s Getting Things Done as an heuristic for time and workflow management. Wired‘s Gary Wolf explains Allen’s methodology and his ‘cult of hyperefficency’:

“These direct, contextual cues do not demand any profound insight. Tasks can be assessed extremely rapidly and executed without friction. Where earlier gurus tried to help their followers make their deep personal commitments explicit and easily accessible to memory, Allen is selling a kind of technology-enabled forgetting. The life-hackers like it because it stimulates their ingenuity. They have optimized versions for the iPhone, for Entourage, and for sets of manila folders. Once self-management has been broken down into a set of routines, it can be implemented in any number of high tech or low tech systems.”

BoingBoing‘s Cory Doctorow observes that Wolf’s profile “gets into depth on Allen’s background — junkie, mental patient, trainer, consultant, bestselling author; stuff I’d never known.”


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