A New Doc Takes Me Back To The Early Days of Disinfo.com

Believe it or not Disinfo.com has been around since 1996 and The Disinformation Company, which I co-founded, since 1997. It’s always fun to look back at some family history, so a new documentary about Pseudo.com founder Josh Harris really grabbed my attention.

In the very early days of The Disinformation Company’s quixotic journey, co-founder Richard Metzger hosted an interview show on pioneering internet video site Pseudo.com. It was called “The Infinity Factory” and featured many of the guests that would later become part of our Disinformation TV series, like Grant Morrison and Robert Anton Wilson, sometimes in person at Pseudo’s Soho loft and sometimes by phone.

A couple of my favorite episodes are interviews with my friend and Disinformation author Alexandra “Chica” Bruce (Beyond The Secret and Beyond The Bleep). You can check them out on Google Video.

Check out the preview of the doc (titled We Live in Public and directed by Ondi Timoner) on Harris at Radar Mag’s site. If you were in New York in the late ’90s and you had anything to do with that first wave of dotcom madness, it’ll really take you back … and realize that not only did Josh throw a great party, he really was a visionary.

If you’d like to see more “Infinity Factory” episodes, let me know by commenting below. We’ve long considered the quality too low for DVD – what do you think?

Gary Baddeley, publisher

(NB: although there’s a video site at Pseudo.com today, it isn’t the same company as it was then, Harris is not involved and the cool stuff is no longer there).