Hillary Haters Exploit Fault on Yahoo Moderation

Yahoo Answers (or Y!A, as it is shortened) is an increasingly popular forum in the Yahoo Network. But it has its share of faults that the company has not bothered to fix at the users request. These days, the site is the perfect breeding ground for a “proof by assertion” attack campaign against Hillary Clinton.

The site uses a method of oversight called community-based moderation, in which members who all share the exact same opinion about what is a violation of the Terms of Service can exert more control over the content of the site than others who have “different” opinions. (read about community based moderation on the site: Community Mod )

Ironically, the “different” opinion in Yahoo Politics would be supporting Hillary. It is commonly accepted by Democrats and Independents that “swiftboat smearing” works because the far right is unified in their thinking and so Proof by Assertion becomes the number 1 method of campaigning against a front runner.

Yahoo’s chosen lack of oversight is touted by smearers as “freedom of speech” but when your account is deleted because more than one person went out of their way to disagree with you, it calls to question the fairness.

3 Top Contributors were booted from the site yesterday because their support for Hillary Clinton was deemed a violation of the TOS by user reports and automatic deletion. One could reasonably argue that Clinton is not the only candidate whose supporters are attacked by other users. However, it is important to remember that multiple campaigns are focused on Hillary simultaneously and Yahoo is a paid advertiser for two campaigns; Barack Obama asks questions on the site as well as Mitt Romney.

Using the site has now moved from the realm of political discussion to “report button warfare” between Obama, Hillary, Paul and McCain supporters.

The level of violations, reports, abuses, multiple account posting, and general negativity has caused a number of users to seek eachother out on other forums and set up camp elsewhere.

Biased "Community Moderation" is a bad move for Yahoo Answers