Ignite Energy, the opportunity of a lifetime or maybe not?

There is a new MLM company that started up in Dallas Texas at the the state of the art Infomart center which is a technology business hub in Dallas. They quickly rose to become a major Texas electric provider by building a large independent sales team through word of mouth. These sales reps go out and sign up their family and friends on the electric service in hopes that they may also decide to become a sales representative themselves. Many call this type of opportunity a pyramid scheme but Ignite would disagree. The opportunity according to their executives is a legal and legitimate opportunity. The issue at hand is that usually only the founding partners ever see the real money while the underlings sign up a few family and friends and then fizzle out of the business. Because sales reps have to pay money to join the business many make money just through people signing up and paying a fee to join the opportunity. The dream opportunity for many is just a large waste of time and a long shot at doing something similar to trying to win the lottery.