Which Corporation Will Be the Next “Brody Ruckus”?

In Sept. 2006, Ruckus tried to create the single largest group on Facebook as a PR tool with a fictional student account named “Brody Ruckus” and a group called “If this group reaches 100,000, my girlfriend will have a threesome.” Within a week, the group had reached 100,000 members.

“Brody Ruckus” then promised to post pictures of his sexual encounter if 300,000 people joined. Within 7 days, the group had exceeded 400,000 people and “Ruckus” wrote that if the group became the largest on Facebook, he would post a video of his threesome. Finally Facebook administrators got wind of this affair and deleted the “Brody Ruckus” profile and his group, since it violated its Terms of Service. Ruckus Prez Mike Bebel said this affair “was an exercise conducted by one of our marketing teams. It took on a life of its own. It was a good learning exercise for us, but not something that we would repeat.”

C’mon corporations, sex obviously sells! Which one will try next…?

Rest In Cyberspace, Brody Ruckus, 9/06–9/06