Amon Tobin: interview + retrospective mix

Amon first his the scene as Cujo with his 1996 release, Adventures in Foam. Amon was definitely influenced by drum and bass be he stood out, even then. Foam was laced wild horns, jazz drum breaks, Latin rhythms and a touch of exotica. Whatever the hell it was, it was great!

Amon quickly followed Foam with Bricolage, Permutation and Supermodified and took those themes further and further and as he went along his music got weirder and heavier. By Out from Out Where Tobin had become a full fledged soundsmith, tweaking and twisting his samples well beyond their source material. Foley Room found Amon sampling field recordings of lions, motorcycles and wasps rather than vinyl dug from crates and transforming it all into something utterly recognizable as being Amon Tobin.

On solipsistic NATION I play the best of all genres of electronic music. I’m not kidding around. I really mean it. Amon is the very best at what he does and I’m pleased that he has joined me on today’s show for a retrospective of his musical career so far.

I hope you enjoy the ride!

Photo Credit: Bruno Bollaert

Amon Tobin “Creatures”Interview with Amon TobinCujo “The Sequel”Interview with Amon TobinAmon Tobin “One Day In My Garden”Interview with Amon TobinAmon Tobin “Bridge”Interview with Amon TobinAmon Tobin “Nightlife”Interview with Amon TobinAmon Tobin “Four Ton Mantis”Interview with Amon TobinAmon Tobin “Chocolate Lovely”Interview with Amon TobinAmon Tobin “Hey Blondie”Interview with Amon TobinAmon Tobin “Back From Space”Interview with Amon TobinAmon Tobin “Ruthless”Interview with Amon TobinAmon Tobin “Esther’s”Interview with Amon TobinAmon Tobin “Keep Your Distance”Interview with Amon Tobin

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