Can Watching Gnarls Barkley Induce Seizure?

Here’s an odd bit of PR:

A tipster close to Gnarls Barkley sent along a document claiming that the video for first single "Run" failed the U.K.’s Harding Flash & Pattern Analyzer, which looks at a video frame-by-frame to see if it is at danger for causing epileptic seizures.

“Run,” according to the document, scored 52 counts of a violation titled “extended failure.” Since the press release arrived after the Harding FPA’s business hours, this was unable to be verified, nor was it possible to ask if they were down with Gnarls Barkley using their test as a weird sort of badge of pride.

Here’s a closer look at the results:


Don’t know exactly what that means? Here’s an FAQ to understanding the results, which, at the moment, lacks a section on music biz hype.

As for the actual video, that can be viewed over on the website for MTV.



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