Ohne Garantien: Memories of Dr. Christopher S. Hyatt

by Mobius Frame

“I enjoyed and valued Dr. Christopher S. Hyatt, Alan. He was my friend, and mentor; at once deeply complex, and abruptly simple. His contributions to philosophical thought, while drawing from diverse sources, are filtered through his own life experiences, and thus, entirely unique. Throughout life’s struggles and triumphs, he maintained a positive self evaluation. Nobody likes a whiny, self hating wretch, and Herr Doctor was especially repulsed by such. I asked him once about regrets, and he replied “I only allow myself to feel regret one day each year.” The key concepts that he taught me include: unassailable positive self regard, walking through walls, keeping things separate, build yourself into a work of art, power is beauty, strength is elegance, and enjoy the good things in life, the Mahasatipatthana Sutra.”


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