Select Issues with New Media Theories of Citizen Journalism

Australian investigative researcher Barry Saunders recently asked me to write an article on Citizen Journalism for M/C Journal ‘s ‘Vote/Citizen’ issue he co-edited with Graham Meikle and Jason A. Wilson.

I use Clayton Christensen & Paul Carlile’s framework on management theories to suggest that ‘citizen’ and ‘journalism’ are problematic. I discuss Citizen Journalism as a viable trend in New Media, as a Web 2.0 form of New Media populism, what can be learned from event-driven and civic journalism, and the prospects for Citizen Journalism-driven mergers & acquisitions. Finally, I argue for a practice-based approach and suggest possible questions for future researchers.

This is the latest in a series of self-reflections that began with New Media Trip: Disinformation & Editorial Ethics (2000).


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