Looking at this post could land you three years in jail!

The new violent porn legislation is now in place making any image illegal:

if it portrays, in an explicit and realistic way, any of the following— (a) an act which threatens a person’s life, (b) an act which results, or is likely to result, in serious injury to a person’s anus, breasts or genitals, (c) an act which involves sexual interference with a human corpse, or (d) a person performing an act of intercourse or oral sex with an animal (whether dead or alive), and a reasonable person looking at the image would think that any such person or animal was real.

Now shagging animals alive or dead is not our cup of tea at the void, but we have to wonder what constitutes necrophilic, bestial oral sex. Below is a picture from no less than the Sunday Times of two folk harmlessly engaged in eating water-buffalo penis. An interesting choice of first date perhaps, but is this picture illegal?


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