‘Dark Knight’ Reflects Real Martial Law in Chicago

By Ethan Allen on BlackListedNews.com:

Coincidence or art imitating life? The slow downward spiral towards fascism grabs some fast momentum with a bit of slight-of-hand propaganda from the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight.

The recent push towards open martial law in Chicago is an eerie reflection of The Dark Knight production, which filmed many of its Gotham scenes in downtown Chicago last summer. In the film, the Joker (Heath Ledger) creates so much chaos and violence that the National Guard (Gotham National Guard) is brought in to suppress riots and restore order.

During filming, extras were dressed up as national guard troops were seen by many Chicago natives acting in scenes and also providing ‘security’ for the civilian extras during takes. Military helicopters, armored vehicles and hundreds of uniformed extras maneuvered in downtown Chicago for several days while their scenes were filmed, creating the atmosphere, albeit a fictional one, of open martial law and military code of conduct for all citizens.