If You Care About The Troops, Then You Have To Care About Private LaVena Johnson

LaVena Johnson, a private in the Army was brutally raped, beaten and killed in 2005. Her teeth were knocked in, her nose broken, she had teeth marks on her body and there was corrosive liquid poured into her vagina, most likely to destroy evidence. Then she was shot and her body set on fire. After all this, the military called it … a suicide.

Who are they kidding? What is the real reason they are covering up this murder? A trail of blood from the private’s body led into the tent of a military contractor from Kellogg, Brown & Root (a subsidiary of Halliburton at the time). I don’t want to make any conclusions now about who might have done this and why it was covered up, but one thing that is exceedingly clear from the evidence is that she was murdered and there needs to be an investigation into who did it.


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