Right Where You Are Sitting Now – Episode 10: Taming Wolfie with Jon Ronson!

This week we chat to one of our journalistic heroes, Jon Ronson, about: conspiracy theorists, 9/11 truthers, MI5 agents becoming the son of God and just why people believe silly things. We also witness Jon attempting to train his dog Wolfie (or is it Woofy…i’m worried I have his name wrong now), which only furthers my belief that people really don’t realise how much of a pain the ass dogs actually are! … i’m a cat person.

Joining me this week to grill our guest is our re-occurring character, Raymond Wiley! For those studious listeners out there (no pun intended), Raymond appeared as our guest on episodes 1 and 6, and like me, is a big Jon Ronson fan!

We also have Interviews with Nick Pope (UFOs), Dean Haglund (Conspiracy), Ivan Stang (Subgenius) and a whole bunch of other cool people!