Why Richard Nixon Should Be Your Dystopian President

Lauren Davis writes on i09.com:

The latest Futurama movie, The Beast with a Billion Backs, found Richard Nixon’s head still president of an increasingly crappy Earth, and Nixon will again take the highest office in next year’s Watchmen. In fact, if there’s a vaguely dystopian alternate history or future, chances are there’s a Nixon to run it. As our nation gets more presidents under its belt, another politician may challenge Nixon’s supremacy as head of unhappy states. But our 37th president will not relinquish his title so easily. Read Nixon’s track record and see why you should reelect him president of your dystopian America.

He Runs the Conspiracy

Most presidents are content merely to sit in the pocket of the shadowy conspiracy that rules the country, vetoing an anti-corporate bill here and issuing the occasional questionable pardon. But Nixon is no one’s henchman. When he wants JFK gone, he takes the Comedian to Dallas and gives the order himself. When the Secret Empire framed Captain America for murder in its plot to rule the United States, Nixon wasn’t some mere co-conspirator. He was the guy with the number one printed on his freaky black hood.