1.08.08 Solar Eclipse linked to Strange Events in China leading up to the Olympics

X in a Circle in the Sky

BEIJING: The Solar Eclipse experienced yesterday, visible from a narrow corridor through northern Canada, Greenland, central Russia, eastern Kazkhstan, western Mongolia and China marked darkness overshadowing the earth. This is a rare natural phenomenon that scientists estimate had a magnitude of 1.039.

Even rarer though, was an odd phenomenon witnessed by viewers of the eclipse in various parts of the world.

Witnesses claimed to see an X lodged in a circle in the sky during the eclipse. The darkness was said to overshadow the shape. This shape was reported to have been seen at each of the locations from which the eclipse was visible. The reports came in at the following times:

Canada – 9.24 UT

Norway- 9.47 UT

Russia- 10.21 UT

China- 10.58 UT

There has been no photographic evidence produced to substantiate this shape in any location. One Canadian onlooker claimed, “I snapped it on my digital camera but it didn’t show. I tried again. It still didn’t show up. But it was in the sky. It was definitely there.”

The reports of this X in a circle in the sky have been reported by numerous onlookers at each of the locations to their local meteorological bodies. In fact the BNCA has reported that their meteorologists recorded the phenomenon in the Chinese Region. No one has as yet posed any suggestion as to its explanation. Some say that it is a freak occurrence but others doubt this because it was seen by people around the world at different times. Some are even linking it to a Legend of a Veiled Sect of People that were said to use this symbol in ancient times. Others are linking it to the Olympics happening in less than a week and the Smog and Environmental Damage there. Others are linking it to the Sundance People and their myths surrounding solar eclipses when the sun was covered by darkness.

Whatever the cause, the eclipse this year became an even rarer phenomenon than it has ever been.