Strange Happenings in Beijing

Pollution in Beijing

BEIJING: Scientists in Beijing have been effecting drastic pollution control techniques since July 20th to get rid of the severe air pollution threatening to rain on the parade of the 2008 Olympic Games. These have included measures as radical as Cloud Seeding and as extreme as pulling half the nation’s traffic off the streets of the capital.

The inefficacy of the measures has been marked. Jung Chi of the EPF has been quoted as saying, “Nothing seems to work. This is becoming an impossible feat and not one of my experts can tell me why.”

It is unexplainable why no measure implemented has been able to clear the smog over the city. Even more shocking than how impossible the feat seems to be is one of the reasons now being proposed as the explanation why nothing has worked. “Chin for Darkness” says one resident. “………” translated “Darkness” is a supposedly Ancient Secret Society that has been tenuously linked to many of the mal-events of the world. No definitive link has been proven and skeptics say that this is the stuff of Fairy Tales. Many residents say that this is no Legend but a real Secret Society that has long tried to conceal itself and its involvement in certain disasters worldwide.

Chin Loon Hee, one local said, “Darkness is at the core. There have been rumours for months about their dissatisfaction with the Olympic Games being held here.”

There is no evidence this so-called Secret Society with links in all manner of ranks of society exists. But at the same time the scientists have found no evidence to say why all their efforts have been in vain.

It is known however that over 10,500 athletes and hundreds of thousands of visitors will arrive soon to face darkness over the city.