Grand Magister Blackwood Exposed Temples of Satan Information

The Problems of Satanism: LIES AND TALES EXPOSED
An Overview By Grand Magister Blackwood

Over the last few days groups have attacked the Temples of Satan and these groups after careful examination seemingly are comprised of numerous “Pseudo Satanists,” of which many failed to even understand the concepts and or ideologies that past Satanists and Pagans laid forth in an effort to continue through the centuries.

As a Satanic leader I have been involved at the street level and e-level with Satanism for over twenty some years, starting as early as American Online 2.0. and lasting until now.

Over the years I have established a cache of friends and interested individuals who have found themselves often times victims of vicious attacks from the Order of Nine Angles, Church of Satan and numerous other malignant and parasitic organizations, that involved themselves in attacks upon many of those people who affiliated themselves with the Change in Satanism, which was designed long before Obama employed the mantra.

I apologize to you in this posting and urge your continued support I have been accused of numerous myths and legends that seemingly fail to close, however as anyone I have also spurned numerous fights

exposing those in Satanism, “less than desirable.”

Myth: Blackwood has accomplished nothing in Satanism

Truth: I have met with many people on line and off line and have garnered friendship and co-operative efforts that have changed Satanism.

I along with several others back almost ten years ago discussed topics that are still being tossed around and debated ac crossed the net.

I have issued privately numerous texts and exposed the truths and untruths in Satanism.

Myth: Blackwood is gay or hates gay people.

Truth: I changed my position years ago garnering acceptance for all who desire Satanic Awareness!

I am happy in a current relationship, and as single ads that seemingly never leave the search lists ring of me being single nothing is further from the truth.

Myth: Blackwood lives in a basement or hotel room.

Truth: I rent an apartment near Muskegon Michigan, and use the old address to Temples of Satan which has not changed in several years.

I owned home for years and sold it after a bitter divorce and custody suit that caused many a financial difficulty.

Myth:Blackwood weighs three hundred pounds and is obese.

Fact: I am around two hundred and sixty five pounds at six foot one, so yes I need to loose a few pounds but so does many people in Satanism along with me.

Myth: Blackwood lies about the Order of Nine Angles and Church of Satan and other group to latch a hold on the mindless.

Truth:I have exposed previous affiliations and have told the real stories regardless of what the new membership have posted, I have not discussed private matters on the web and have chosen to filter much of what is my past, all claims are substantiated and closed to comment.

Previously jilted membership or canceled membership continues to spout negative banter however they are provided no information from the current Temples of Satan.

Myth: Blackwood inflates his membership totals and changes policies, his organization is a fraud.

Truth: Nothing is further from the truth, even with changes in membership and administrators do not have confidential information regarding any policies and or inner works of the Temples of Satan regardless of claims.

Myth: Blackwood is a “profiteer.”

Fact: The Temples of Satan as any organization receives donations and or stipends to continue its work,

I have no need for extra income, since I am gainfully self employed in the expediter trucking business and earn a great income.

The Temples of Satan does not remain intact for anyones gain other than Satan.

Myth: Blackwood’s claims to contacting Satan are silly and the works of a insane person.

Fact:I have not been the first person or the last person to receive visions and or indicators to the existence of Satan, sorcerers and great leaders have claimed manifestations for centuries, and provide similar commentary since before the Crusades.

Many people contact me everyday seeing forces beyond description, and such objects and or visions are the works of Satan,one should not ignore such and seek the reasons and be aware of the benefits of being in touch with Satan, when accomplished.

Myth: Blackwood claims to have a book that never will be printed.

Truth: Due to recent economic conditions and an overall change in Satanic Philosophy, such works have been placed on hold awaiting release in the near future.

I do have a sordid past with numerous rivalries and fights, and as most others in Satanism I have chosen to dedicate The Temples of Satan to Satan and end the egotistical goals that make up mu past days in Satanism.

To teach, and guide is a mission to not be taken lightly and such activities can only be deemed positive to Satanism, regardless of the “mindless blogs and jilted lovers of the old ways of my original organization The Worldwide Order of Satanism.

We have grown over the years and the days for “flame wars” should have been over it does nothing to further Satanism, regardless of affiliation, the bashings and lies do not come from exposing the cults and wrong doctrines.



Grand Magister Blackwood


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