Progressive Satanism? Satanic Insurance or an Cult!

“Satan represents the spirit of progress, the inspirer of all great movements that contribute to the development of civilization and the advancement of mankind. He is the spirit of revolt that leads to freedom, the embodiment of all heresies that liberate.” –The Satanic Bible

The first thing I see right off the cuff is this group is still in love with LaVey and his plagiarist thoughts!


The sinister way is gleaned from the Order of Nine Angles and its ideology is often at the hands of the plagiarist, or organization that cannot grasp the reality of Satan.

The WSA is an esoteric Order embracing Progressive Synergic Satanism within the context of what is refered to as The Sinister Way or Hardcore Satanism. Unhypocritically, and true to its Nietzschean roots, the Satanism of the WSA is beyond good and evil; that is to say, it is beyond the relative definitions of right and wrong, “Left Hand” or “Right Hand” path. Each initiate must think for himself, define his own words, and cut out his own path according to his personal and private needs and progress.

Sounds like atheism to me and this organization is doomed to fail due in part to the faulty ideologies of this doctrine.

The Real Satanic Doctrine is available from

Within the WSA Progressive Satanism is not a church defined doctrine or prophetic decree imposed upon a mass of believers. Within the boundaries of Progressive Satanism the Initiates personal self progression and evolution takes center stage. One’s own personal or private mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical needs becomes the central focus of each Initiate, in regards to his own needs and evolution. Therefore, all religions, all gods, all magic, and whatever tools each individual initiate needs is used to further his personal progression. In this way one Initiates “Satanism” will most time be very different from another. The reason being that we are all unique individuals, with our own level of education, understanding, and capacity to comprehend abstract and esoteric thoughts.

By Synergic Satanism it is meant the combined effort of each of our individual Satanists focused towards a common or collective cause. The combined force of the whole, being greater than an individual unit, and would therefore be able to accomplish more.

Collective ideologies are gleaned from Communism and is dangerous practice most often by Liberals who wish the Constitution is dissolved and total anarchy permeate society!

Those with the assets should give them to the collective so everyone can prosper is a weak ideal and is against the founding documents and founding moral codes of general society.

No collective has ever worked in the past, the idea is gleaned by “hippies and cults.”

Read the Communist Manifesto sometime it will teach you why society always should lean to conservatism.


Satan within the WSA is given the ambiguous definition of a ubiquitous force of nature. This force is like an ocean which condenses and coagulates into ice burgs. The ice burgs symbolizing the physical universe. Or this universal essence can be envisioned as the base of a triangle, which gradually tapers into a coherently concentrated point. The point being the physical universe. Although the point is a mere fraction of the whole, it is a condensation, coagulation, or concentration of the said supernal substance. In this way everything physical is a manifestation of Satan, including one’s fellow creatures.

As always this document explains very little to the ideologies of Satan and one can rationalize an idea that this group or individuals tout La Vey’s concepts an remains on the path of the Church of Satan, simply put the Real Satanist cannot accept the concept of Satan rather acknowledge the existance.

Worship and adoration of Satan within the WSA is not done through dark ceremonies of reverse Christian rituals and liturgy. One’s love and devotion to Satan is expressed in action, deed, and word towards those significant individuals in one’s life; and the love and adoration of physical existence itself. In other words to to adore and kneel your heart before what you see and deem to be beautiful in your eyes; be it a mother, daughter, son, brother, sister, lover, pet, the crease of a saffron robe, a rose, or pile of rocks; is to adore and worship Satan Himself.

Agreed the ideologies of Satanism, should never include “Reverse-Christian”or texts described by those unqualified to speak on the matter.

Satan is in adoration of the concepts of devotion, love,desire, deed, word and the like.

And low and behold we climb aboard the ideologies of La Vey again contained within the Ten silly writings below.


The psychological territory of the WSA is defined by ten landmarks called the Ten Proclamations, within which exists Progressive Satanism. They are as follows:


1) I Proclaim that I am the center of my own universe; I exalt myself as my own personal Deity, in progression to Godhood.

Modern Satanic View!

2) I Proclaim that I am a unique manifestation of ubiquitous Supernal Light in physical expression; which also manifests itself as everything and everyone around me.

Interesting, yet left unexplained!

3) I Proclaim that I am a being in the state of evolution, that I cannot stand still or I shall die, but rather I must Progress, and whatever gods, magic, religions, and tools I can use towards this end shall only help me evolve into the Ubermench.

Progress where?

4) I Proclaim the supremacy of mind over matter. That my Will and Intent, fueled with Imagination, Passion and Determination has the power to alter and change my reality accordingly.

A true statement, the writer has some knowledge!

5) I Proclaim my belief in the Dark Force of Nature; dark because it has never been brought into the light of understanding; whom I personally identify as Satan.

Earlier you proclaimed yourself a deity, now Satan?

6) I Proclaim that Nature, in all its manifestations, is the One Great Book of Illumination, written by the hand of Satan as my law and guide to Enlightenment.

What book and who wrote it and who are they in relation to Satanism?

7) I Proclaim my belief in the Power and Might of One, in the Brotherhood of Man, the Sisterhood of Woman; the Collective of Our Family, over the segregated mass, as the highest blasphemy and our noblest work.

Perhaps Obama wrote this?

8) I Proclaim that I am awakened and realize that I am a 90 Percenter, a slave to the 10 Percent who own 90 percent of the wealth; who are my true enemy, who usurped the sovereignty of my ancestors to gain their dominion.

Perhaps this group should read the Communist Manifesto and stop listening to Liberal Proffesors in College, this idea is Anti-Capitalism!

I am successful by the hand of myself and because of the influence of Satan.

I personally strive by business and efforts to rise to the 90 Percentile Category!

9) I Proclaim my ultimate Freedom and Liberation from this prison and slavery; and will do all in my power to obtain this Freedom and Liberation.

10) I Proclaim the sanctity and ecstasy of Mortal Existence; that the Law of Life is Do What Thou Wilt and nothing more but to Love and be Loved in return.

Crowley Anybody??????

Caligula -WSA-

And this name rings of a movie!

Perhaps you simply should visit to find out some truth!

Hail Satan

Grand Magister Blackwood