Sarah Palin: A Pit Bull In Lipstick?

Joan Walsh, After three days of wall-to-wall reporting on Palin’s family troubles, her political flip-flops and her alleged extreme affiliations, from bigoted preachers to Alaska secessionists, Republicans went on the offensive against a comfortable old enemy, “the liberal media.”

By the time Palin took the stage, she no longer seemed like an Alaskan Annie Oakley, a gun-toting, hockey mom biker-gal; she’d become pioneer victim girl. But Palin shook off the victim mantle by coming out swinging, by tearing into Barack Obama with glee, teeth bared like a Rudy Giuliani in heels.

Palin oozed contempt and condescension for Obama, comparing her job as small-town mayor to being a community organizer, “except that you have actual responsibilities.” She savaged “a candidate who lavishes praise on working people when they’re listening, and then [says they] cling to their religion or guns when they’re not listening. We prefer candidates who don’t talk about us one way in Scranton, and another way in San Francisco.”



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