Disinformation: The Podcast Is Here!

Disinformation® All Hallows’ Eve Bulletin: The NEW Disinformation Podcast is HERE!

In the inaugural episode of Disinformation: The Podcast, Raymond and Joe speak with author Robert Bauval about his new book THE EGYPT CODE. Robert Bauval is the author of The Orion Mystery and co-author, with Graham Hancock, of Talisman. His new book explores the relationship between ancient Egyptian myth, ritual, architecture and astronomy. Mr. Bauval joins us from Spain to discuss his life, his work and his philosophy.

Look for Disinformation: The Podcast on iTunes by searching for “disinformation” — Disinformation: The Podcast is also available at www.disinfo.com/podcasts.

We are very excited to welcome Ray and Joe as Disinfonauts. Enjoy the show!

Ralph Bernardo, Managing Editor

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About Disinformation: The Podcast:

Raymond Wiley and Joe McFall are the former co-hosts of Out There Radio, a 50-episode podcast of interviews and discussions covering topics related to the occult, conspiracy theory and the paranormal. Raymond and Joe have been in podcasting since 2005, having started Out There Radio shortly after they met and realized their shared interest in fringe topics.

Raymond Wiley received his undergraduate degree in History from the University of Georgia in 2008. At UGA, he worked at WUOG 90.5 FM, the university’s college radio station for three years, gaining experience first as a talk show host. Later he had the honor of serving as the station’s public affairs director and finally as its general manager. He is also an experienced stage actor, with numerous credits spanning both the Athens and Atlanta areas. His interest in the occult, religion, hidden history, and conspiracy goes back more than a decade. He is a lifetime resident of the state of Georgia, currently residing in Athens.

Joe McFall received his undergraduate degree in Linguistic Anthropology from Emory University in 1998, and went on to receive two Masters degrees, in Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence, from the University of Georgia in 2005 and 2007. He holds a lifetime interest in culture and counterculture, fringe science, paranormal, alternate history and conspiracy theory. He works as a software developer and lives in Atlanta, GA.

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