Large-Scale Lawsuit Seeks to Ban Chemical Poisoning of Water Supply in San Diego

A group of private citizens in San Diego County is planning to file a large-scale lawsuit in federal court against public water districts and challenge the constitutionality of using industrial-grade hydrofluosilicic acid to fluoridate drinking water.

Jeff Green, national director of Citizens for Safe Drinking Water in San Diego, told WND, “We are raising funds for a lawsuit that has been prepared for plaintiffs who are asserting their constitutional rights under the Ninth and 14th Amendments to be free of what they term ‘bodily intrusions’ by a water wholesaler adding an unapproved drug into their water.”

“Most people think that fluoride is what you have in your toothpaste or water, but they are unaware of the fact that Prozac is a fluoride product,” Green said. “Almost all psychotropic drugs are fluoride products.


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