No on Prop 8 by Rev. Michael Shane Margolin

No on Prop 8 by Rev. Michael Shane Margolin


The latest yes on 8 commercial I saw called the superintendent of schools a liar.

Remember, prop 8 is being funded by the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic order.

Also remember that one of the first tricks a bully uses is accusing the victim of the crime the bully is guilty of. Remember our own childhood in public schools, anything that was even close to being controversial our parents had to sign a permission slip for, as I did for my own son.

Please remember that the Catholics were the ones that told you that a dead man came back to life, and the world is flat and you were born in sin.

At least public schools teach the world is round.

Decide for yourselves who the real liar is.

Vote no on Prop 8 and consider a yes vote on prop 666, the Catholic Church loses it’s tax exempt status for not supporting freedom of religion and propagating discrimination and intolerance.


Rev. Michael S. Margolin

Baphomet Rex 666