Ebola Virus Shows Up In Pigs … But Officials Deny Danger To Humans

Hogs in four Philippine piggery farms have been found positive for Ebola Reston virus, officials said on Thursday.

As of Wednesday evening, Ebola Reston cases were confirmed in four farms in Luzon, the northern Philippines, after six out of 28hogs tested positive for the virus.

Arthur Yap, Secretary of the Department of Agriculture, allayed fears that the disease will be transferred to humans from infected hogs, Philippine TV network GMA News reported.

There has been no documented case on the virus being transmitted from hogs to humans, said the agriculture chief.

“This is an animal health problem and not a human issue,” Yap said.

Yap added that most of the hog samples that were tested on Wednesday yielded negative results.

Meanwhile, he advised the public that pork meat should be properly cleaned and thoroughly cooked before they are eaten.



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