KBR Sued Again, Featuring Dogs Running Around With Human Arms In Their Mouths

Chris Vogel: If it’s not one thing (such as accusations of sexual harassment) with those crazy cats at Kellogg, Brown & Root, it’s another.

A lawsuit against the company recently filed in Houston federal court accuses its workers of exposing military and non-military personnel in Iraq to contaminated food, contaminated water, and improperly incinerated human remains. Yeah, that’s right. Human remains. Joshua Eller, the principal plaintiff, says he witnessed a wild dog running around base one day carrying a human arm in its mouth.

The first allegation deals with water. According to the lawsuit, KBR provided most of the water used to drink, swim in, or treat the wounded with, and was supposed to monitor and maintain its quality. KBR is accused of failing to test the water and then distributing unsafe, untreated water.

Next there’s the spoiled food. Eller alleges KBR served U.S. forces chicken, fish, beef and eggs that were well past their expiration date, causing salmonella poisoning in at least one case. Even when KBR food-service managers were notified that the food had expired, the lawsuit states, KBR still served it. Some of the nourishment…