The Symbolism of One of the Biggest Insults in the World: Putting Bush Shoe Attacker into Perspective

By now the majority of the world must have seen the footage, or at least heard of the “TV reporter who threw his shoes at US President George W Bush at a Baghdad news conference.”

Bush’s reply to the incident showed his ignorance. He stated that, “it is one way to gain attention.” But that’s not true. In the Muslim world, in Asia, and in many other regions, shoes are considered to be unclean.

The most telling part of the attack, were the insults that were hurled at Bush: “This is a farewell kiss, you dog,” he yelled in Arabic as he threw his shoes. “This is from the widows, the orphans and those who were killed in Iraq.”

The attack may appear to be just an amusing incident to those in the West, but to the majority of the world it is a symbol of what Bush and the United States administration represent, filth.