‘Watchmen’ Fan Cordially Invites Fox to Eat Several Dicks

Dear Fox, Eat all the dicks.

Love, DOB

PS (Okay, let me clarify a little bit for anyone who might be reading this letter that isn’t either a) obsessed with Watchmen or b) the head of the Fox Corporation.) Back in the 80s, Fox purchased the rights to a Watchmen movie and celebrated by not making it for 20 years. Now, Warner Brothers respected their decision but, oddly enough, felt that a Watchmen movie would look better if it was actually, you know, made. So, Warner Brothers decided to make it. They announced their plans well over a year ago and Watchmen is now one of the most anticipated movies of the year. If you saw The Dark Knight and, statistically speaking, you probably did, then you already saw the trailer.

If you’re me and, statistically speaking, you’re probably not, then you went back to your apartment and watched the trailer on YouTube over and over again and experienced an odd yet not totally unexpected sense of profound sexual arousal that you could really only describe as spiritual.