Obama’s First Big Failure: Spending Us Into Oblivion

It’s official, President King Obama has taken his first steps towards ruining our country, seamlessly picking up where George W. Bush left off.

Last night his $825+ BILLION “Stimulus” bill was passed. NONE of the House Republicans voted for it (for once Ron Paul did not stand alone), and all but 11 Democrats voted for it (including Mary Jo Kilroy, new Representative for Ohio’s 15th District, who will NEVER AGAIN get my vote.)

If you support Obama’s plan, I have 3 assignments for you:

1. Find where in the Constitution it says the federal government is allowed to use tax-payer money for these things.

2. Read the Stimulus Bill for yourself. All 1,588 pages.

3. Report back to me in a few months and tell me how many jobs have been created and how much better off we are thanks to this emergency pillaging.

4. EXTRA CREDIT #1: Research how FDR’s New Deal programs actually prolonged the Great Depression.

5. EXTRA CREDIT #2: Research the Weimar Republic and how hyperinflation affected them.