FBI Takes Sudden New Interest in ‘Tylenol Man’

In 1982 seven people who took cyanide laced Tylenol in the Chicago area died. It trigged a national scare and recall, eventually resulting in the tamper-proof packaging of drugs we have today. Authorities have long suspected that James W. Lewis was the man responsible for the tampering, but he was only ever found guilty of trying to extort the manufacturer of Tylenol. He said he was trying to exploit the crisis.

Lewis, however, has had a very odd life. In 1978 he was charged with murdering and dismembering a man in Kansas City, MO. That case, however, was thrown out. Decades later he was jailed on rape charges, but was freed when the victim refused to testify.

Now the FBI has suddenly taken a new interest in Lewis’ possible connection to the decades-old Tylenol case.


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