To All the Lonesome Lost Disinfo Chat Refugees…

(…you are missed.) Once upon a time Disinfo hosted the sweetest little red and black Java Chat box on the net. for real. it was thee place to meet dislike-minded people to chatter with. i met some of the coolest people there. and a few of them are still my friends. i found this little place about 6 years ago. i was there EVERYDAY. along with people like Claire, Anas, Happy Bubble Girl, Black, Santa, Lion, Rails and many many more. when they shut down our little sanctum we pleaded with them to bring it back. we never got any response. so we even went as far as trying a Petition:

yes, im the notorious Patrick Chauncey AKA Rev.Spook and on occasion in the chat box i was ‘gauze.’

so. one day Dr. Tedley and i decided to create a refuge for the refugees and we establshed it here:

we know it’s not as fancy as Disinfo’s Java Chat was but it’s what we could do. we’ve tried many times to contact Disinfo and see if we could get their ‘recipe’ for that tasty little red and black box of theirs. but again. no response.

we plan to create one as best we can to be as cool as theirs was. we’re not mad at them. figure their just probably too busy to reply or something. who knows. glad they at least still have a site thats for sure.

hope we have eased the hearts of some of you old chatters.


Rev.Spook of GL1TCHG0R3