Understanding Our Current Socioeconomic Metamorphosis: A One-Two Combo with Juan Enriquez

Almost everyone that I have been interacting with over the last few months is now beginning to feel the impact of our current socioeconomic metamorphosis, even though most still do not seem to grasp the magnitude of the crisis.

Many believe that our corporate governments with the help of our banking institutions will be able to stabilize the markets and rejuvenate our economy by flooding the system with money. In essence, they are buying into the hype that propping up a failed system with a fiat currency will bring back the good old days of inequality, where the majority of the world lives in poverty while we drive our fancy cars, live in our over priced homes, take for granted the opportunities and freedoms we use to have, while we police the world and waste our precious and limited resources. That’s not going to happen, and the main reason for why it’s not going to happen is because the system is unsustainable: economically, environmentally, politically, socially, and morally.