Air Kraken Day is March 17th

(Image by Drakirath)

Behold. . .

After touchdown, ground personnel were horrified to discover that 12 of the 13 men on board were dead. The sole survivor-the copilot-died several minutes later. Reportedly, all the bodies exhibited massive, gaping wounds, and the exterior of the craft was badly damaged and torn open in places. It was also soon determined that the pilot and copilot had emptied their pistols at some unknown target. The whole episode was quickly hushed up, and Gardner would not hear of it until 1954.

. . .

Some of you may be aware of the scourge of the skies — the deadly Air-Kraken. Though Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote of them (The Horror of the Heights), and the whole ecology supporting these sky based terrors, they seem to have been mostly forgotten about. Well, with March being the height of their mating season, it’s as good a day as any to look warily to the skies and remember the mighty Air-Kraken. . .



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