New World Order Climate Change Conspiracy – Mini Ice Age Post 2012?

Co2 Seemingly Does Not Lead to Rapid Climate Shifts

You might quickly conclude that this is a one sided piece. You would be correct. Quite frankly if you do not already know the other side of the debate and it’s claims, you must live in a Himalayan cave and can’t be reading this!

We have lived in a time when so much rubbish has been revealed within that which passed as our education it seems almost no longer surprising to have been lied to. In various aspects we have been manipulated into going to war with ourselves on various levels and making big corporations cash in the process. Whether it is harmful industrial waste products such as Fluoride pumped into our water and being sold to us as a health product, or being asked to finance a war on our emotional state known as terror. Our food that was perfectly fine and healthy is now spliced with animal genetic material and infused with added chemical compounds.