Stephen Harper Wants Canadians to Spend Billions Implementing a Failed and Costly U.S. Prison System

A warning to Canada, Dr Jekyll has turned into Mr. Hyde again, and it didn’t take long.

Stephen Harper has on numerous occasions promised to work with every party in parliament for the betterment of Canadians, but don’t you believe him. He is back to his old ways at the first opportunity that has presented itself, promising to send Canadians back to the dark ages.

On Friday 27 February 2009, the Conservative government revived a bill to impose automatic jail terms for drug-related crimes, “which would send people to jail for growing as little as one marijuana plant for the purpose of trafficking.” This is the same type of system which has bankrupted the United States and has led to the “unprecedented decision to reduce the nation’s largest prison system by one-third.” Just this month, three federal judges called “for California to cut its prison population by as much as a third, effectively ruling that (the) dysfunctional state government is incapable of overseeing the prison system.”