The Armenian Genocide: Facts, Players, Two Documentaries, Truth With Obama, and ADL vs. Watertown

“To date, only 21 countries have officially recognized the massacres of Armenians committed by Ottoman Empire between 1915-1923 as genocide.”…

The major opponents of recognizing the extermination of the Armenians by the Ottoman Empire as genocide are the UK, US, Israel, and of course Turkey. For two reasons, this denial should not last much longer – at least for the US anyway.

First, in the United States, during the presidential elections, Obama was asked to comment on the Armenian Genocide and clarify his stance on the subject. His reply was:

“Senator Biden and I, I think both acknowledge that, for those who aren’t aware, there was a genocide that did take place against the Armenian people. It is one of the situations where we have seen a constant denial on part of the Turkish government and others that this occurred. It has become a swore spot diplomatically. I have to check with my staff to find out what has gone on in our office that has resulted in us not signing onto it yet and I will be happy to get back to you on it.”