The Pirate Bay’s White Power Link

The trumpeted Pirate Bay trial has turned three of the file-sharing site’s rebellious young founders into minor celebrities. However, along with co-founders Peter Sunde, Hans Fredrik Neij and Per Svartholm Warg, the indictment names a fourth person: Carl Lundstrom, millionaire heir to the Swedish Wasabröd (“crisp bread”) empire, who financed the creation of Pirate Bay and remains a significant shareholder. Lundstrom is also notable as a player in the world of far right-wing racist Swedish politics, funding various extremist and anti-immigration political parties and groups. He was questioned in regards to a skinhead gang assault on some Latin Americans in Stockholm, and, this month, the managing director of one of Lundstrom’s companies was arrested for his role in a burglary/assault which was part of a feud between rival neo-nazi factions.

All of this raises the question of why a racist 50-year-old bread magnate would have such a keen interest in a file-sharing company: