Torrent Underground: Kenneth Anger’s Original Lucifer Rising With Jimmy Page Soundtrack

Sent to me anonymously, this is the original version of Kenneth Anger’s Lucifer Rising with Jimmy Page soundtrack.

The quality of the VHS tape that I received is far from good, so the digital rip is exactly as is. Given that this is probably the only copy anyone is ever likely to see, I’m sure connoisseurs of the curious and unusual will be delighted to see it nonetheless.

Don’t ask me where I got it – I don’t even know myself. All I can tell you is that I put the feelers out for this about twenty years ago, and somehow it ended up in my lap.

According to accounts, Kenneth Anger originally commissioned Page to compose the soundtrack for this film, however, after 3 years Page had only produced around 28 minutes of material. Page was subsequently fired from the project and the film was released with a soundtrack recorded by Manson Family member Bobby Beausoleil whilst serving time in prison for murdering music teacher Gary Hinman.

This version differs considerably from the official release with the Beausoleil soundtrack, but runs approximately the same time. The film ends with the statement “To Be Continued” leaving one wondering what Anger originally had in mind for Lucifer Rising.

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