Wal-Mart Customer Finds Human Teeth in New Wallet

Aaron Gouveia, Cape Cod Times:

What’s in your wallet?

A Wal-Mart customer shopping for a new wallet found 10 human teeth while looking through a billfold he was about to buy, the police said yesterday.

Police said the man was shopping in the Teaticket Highway store when he unzipped one of the wallet’s compartments and discovered what police have identified as 10 human teeth. One of the teeth — which police said are from an adult — had a filling, police said.

The male customer turned the wallet and the teeth over to Wal-Mart employees, but left the store without giving his name before police arrived. The wallet still had the original merchandise tags on it.

Police said they cannot perform DNA tests on the teeth because there was no blood or gum tissue. Wal-Mart officials did not release further details on the incident but said the company will investigate.