‘Watchmen’: The Saturday Morning Cartoon

Matt Barone, King Mag: As excited as I am — and have been for over a year now — about Watchmen, I’m absolutely grateful that this thing will finally hit theaters. Even a loving fan such as myself can only take so much pre-release hoopla.

Literally every blog or movie news site I’ve visited over the last three-or-so months has posted an average of three Watchmen-related items per day, and it was beginning to make my head spin and sympathize with the comic book’s author, and known detester of this new flick, Alan Moore. As in, prepared to pick him up in my rundown ’88 Buick Le Sabre, head to Wal-Mart, and go gun-shopping, allowing him to pick whatever firearm he desires. On my coin.

Every now and then, however, random online digging will reveal brilliant pieces of gold such as the following, a mock throwback Saturday morning cartoon Watchmen sendup. Welcome exceptions to the rule. It’s the genius work of a guy named Harry Partridge, and it’s magical. If you’re familiar with the comic, you’ll especially appreciate the small details.