Fat as a Weapon of Mass Destruction

NICOLE M. ROBERTSON, The Oakland Press: The greatest threat to American safety is not Osama Bin Laden — it’s obesity. That is the premise of Killer at Large, a shocking new documentary on DVD from the Disinformation company.

In it, pundits, celebrities such as Bill Clinton and dietary authorities describe the psycho-social causes of rampant obesity — and diseases it causes, killing Americans with government complicity. “There are children showing up in health clinics who are overfed, they’re overweight, eating diets of fast food exclusively, who have nutritional diseases like rickets, things we thought we had banished a long time ago,” says author Michael Pollan.

The film begins with Brooke Bates of Austin, Texas, who had liposuction at age 12 when she weighed 218 pounds. She just wanted to be popular, and after years of diets that didn’t work, her parents agreed to surgery. Her surgeon removed 16 liters of fat from her body, shown in graphic detail. But that’s not the scariest part.

When it was over, she was 35 pounds lighter. Six weeks later, another 10 pounds was removed with more lipo and a tummy tuck. At 13, she was down to 155, closer to normal. But in short order, she had ballooned again and sought lapband surgery.

In the film, people with obesity-related diabetes show their severed limbs and sores that don’t heal. In scene after scene, marketing to children is shown as a major cause of the problem.

Radio host Jim Hightower says the corporate/government elite after World War II moved to make food a corporate industry, with big financial rewards not to farmers but to business leaders. Earl Butz, Secretary of Agriculture under Richard Nixon, told farmers to get big or get out. And corn became more valuable than gold.


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