More Washington Murder Conspiracies

It’s the nature of Washington to search for and usually find a politically charged subtext to any news event. But that instinct is never more ghoulish when the event is the sudden death of an important person by his own hand.

David Kellermann, the acting chief financial officer of the troubled Freddie Mac mortgage company, is the latest example of a particular — and particularly macabre — subset of human tragedy: the Washington suicide.

These happen often enough that they follow their own morbid rhythm. The normal human reaction — disbelief, horror, sympathy — is followed almost immediately by the kinds of reactions that are normal only in places suffused by politics and journalism: a rush of suspicion about the motives and speculation over the possible fallout.

Almost immediately after the news broke of Kellermann’s death, Internet rumors ran rampant, with some making references to Vince Foster, the Clinton White House lawyer whose 1993 suicide provoked years of conspiratorial theorizing about whether the Clintons were somehow responsible.



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