BART Police: Resist and We Will Kill You

Officer Domenici is the one who, just after her colleague fatally shot Oscar Grant in the back, began trying to steal cellphones and cameras from bystanders. These video’s show Grant lying face down on the concrete. Domenici doesn’t explain how someone can resist orders while on their stomach with a policemans knee in their back.

SF Chronicle: “If they would have followed orders, this wouldn’t have happened,” said Officer Marysol Domenici.

Domenici said she did not see Mehserle shoot Grant because she had been facing the other direction. Immediately after the shot was fired, she said, some train riders were so angry that she started thinking about using her gun.

“I said to myself, ‘Oh, Jesus Christ, if I have to, I’m going to have to kill somebody,’ ” Domenici said.

Outside court, Grant’s mother, Wanda Johnson, said she was disturbed by Domenici’s testimony – particularly her assertion that she would not have done anything differently during the incident.

“She had no regard for human life, for my son’s life,” Johnson said.