Bassnectar, Kush Arora, Two Fingers & Great Scott: Music + Interviews

Rock the BellsThis week on solipsistic NATION our guests are Bassnectar, Kush Arora, Doubleclick of Two Fingers and Great Scott.

This show came together in an unexpected way. Originally I was just pulling together songs that I liked that I thought would work together nicely in a mix. But as I started gathering the songs I started noting all sorts of connections. For example, Nibu has MC’d on tracks for both Great Scott and Bassnectar. Also, this month Bassnectar and Kush Arora did a show together in Portland. After some consideration I decided to focus on these artist and ignore the rest of the tracks I had gathered for the mix and as I interviewed them even more connections became apparent. Funny how these things work out.

A few notes. If you like Bassnectar’s music (and really, how can you not?) then you’ll enjoy his appearances on the The Newest In New! and Koyaanisqatsi editions of solipsistic NATION. Kush Arora has appeared on the Year One and Record Label Records editions of solipsistic NATION. While this is the first time I’ve had the pleasure of talking with Doubleclick I have had Amon Tobin, the other half of Two Fingers, for the Amon Tobin and Amon Tobin, Live editions of solipsistic NATION. This is also Great Scott’s first appearance on the show but you listen to more music from his label on the Muti Music edition of solipsistic NATION.

I hope you enjoy this week’s show as much as I did putting it together because I had a blast! Oh, and be sure to check out the related videos below.

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Bassnectar “Underground Communication (Featuring Seasunz)”Bassnectar “Art of Revolution (Instrumental)”Interview with BassnectarBassnectar “Kick It Complex (Bassnectar Remix)”Kush Arora “Lose Control Feat. MC Zulu”Kush Arora “British Sucking Desis”Interview with Kush AroraKush Arora “Newcommers Feat. N4SA”Two Fingers “Jewels and Gems”Two Fingers “Keman Rhythm”Interview with Doubleclick of Two FingersTwo Fingers “Straw Men”Great Scott “Theorists feat. Raja Wilco and Nibu [Radio Vocal Edit]”Great Scott “Caravan”Interview with Great ScottGreat Scott “Defcon”

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