Could ‘Terminator’ Happen? An MIT Professor Answers!

A science magazine asks an MIT professor, roboticists, artificial intelligence workers, and science fiction authors to assess the possibility of an uprising of intelligent machines (a la Terminator).

Answers range from “of course it’s possible” to “why would an intelligent network waste resources on personal combat?” And one nanotech professor says wryly that “Humans are really too stupid, venal, gullible, mendacious, and self-deceiving to be put in charge of important things like the Earth.”

Vernor Vinge answers that a greater threat to humanity is good old-fashioned nuclear annihilation. But the History Channel’s roboticist says it’s inevitable robots will eventually be used in warfare, while an industrial roboticist warns about the possibility of robots in the hands of criminals, cults, and other ‘non-state actors’.

“What we should fear in the foreseeable future is not unethical robots, but unethical roboticists.”